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Full recovery from eating disorders is possible!

Disordered eating occurs on a spectrum. In our culture dieting, restricting, binging and compensation has become commonplace, but disordered eating sucks the joy out of life and can be life-threatening.  I've been specializing in helping people recover for over 10 years.  I spent 5 years on the National Eating Disorder Helpline before that, so believe me when I say I've heard it all and you're not alone!

No matter what you've been through or how long you've had this struggle, full recovery is possible (and it's hard work!) Many people struggle with ambivalence about recovery.  I'll help you explore your motivation in a validating way, not just try to convince you to recover. 

BUT, because I am always hopeful for every one's recovery, I will hold you accountable for progress.  If you're not getting better in my care or if you're not ready for recovery, I will help you find a higher level of care or someone to offer supportive or palliative counseling.  

I hope you'll choose recovery. I can speak from experience when I say life is so much better on the other side of an eating disorder!

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