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Fundamentals of Thinking

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When you learn to change your thinking, you can change the way you feel! The combination of individual therapy sessions + this self-study curriculum including video tutorials and a workbook is designed to exponentially speed up your recovery from depression & anxiety. Each component is integrated to teach you new skills and for you to practice them in your life on a regular basis. It’s the perfect combination of self-study with personalized care and support. The curriculum and counseling is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- the most widely utilized and effective treatment for most mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression and eating disorders. The course will teach you the fundamentals to master your thoughts and emotions while the individual counseling will address your specific situation and concerns as well as help you troubleshoot areas where you are stuck. The counseling also provides accountability for the self-study assignments. If you’ve found that counseling alone doesn’t provide enough time, tools or structure for you, but self-help books are too generic or you don’t stick to them, this combination will work well for you. You can go at a pace that works best for your time and money. You can sign up to meet once a week or every other week and the curriculum is included in your counseling fee.

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