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Guitar Lessons
Group Discussion
Reading with Coffee

Individual Counseling

90 minute 1-on-1 sessions

We'll start with an initial session where I'll get an in depth understanding of what you're struggling with and what's keeping you stuck.  Then each week we'll do a brief assessment of how you're feeling, get into the tools to help you, and over the weeks, find the right techniques to crush your negative thinking and behaviors.  Like music lessons, you'll learn fastest with individual coaching.

Group Counseling

Affordable Help

As an alternative or supplement to individual counseling, we'll work through modules each week to help you make changes.  This is similar to a class where you'll do your own individual work rather than a process or interpersonal group.
Contact me if you're interested in joing a future group.

Guided Self-Help

Individual work with accountability

This group will work through specific reading assignments and exercises in the same self-help book.  Think of it as a book club that actually helps you get better.
Contact me if you're interested in joining a future group.



  • Depression & low self-esteem

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Eating Disorders in adults

  • Family Based Treatment for teens with eating disorders

  • Nutrition Counseling toward intuitive eating

  • Spending & Money management problems



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